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The first phase of this project sets the perfect stage for meaningful experiences that draw people from all over Toronto & Minoo has first access to this project
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Location! Location! Location!

Mimico is located at 23 Buckingham St in Etobicoke. Etobicoke is an emerging area referred to as “The New Toronto.”

5 minute walk from the LW Lakeshore West at the Mimico GO stop
Less than 5 minute drive to Gardiner Expressway
Close to the parks

Growth in this area is unprecedented and there is still lots of potential for growth. The condo is 39 stories high consisting of 373 suites.What makes this investment worthwhile is its community. Master planned communities have gained popularity for the convenience it offers to most lifestyles.

A burgeoning area for densification and development. With practical connection to transit, Hurontario is an enticing location for a number of groups from young professionals to students, and families.

Younger residents are increasingly finding the Etobicoke way of life to be very attractive, and are moving into the area in droves. Companies in the tech sector are choosing to build headquarters and offices in the area, retooling old industrial buildings and bringing new energy to older neighbourhoods. These offices and production facilities are bringing new jobs to the area, and enticing young professionals to settle in the area.

Rapidly growing neighbourhood
Perfect opportunity for investors